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Sunday, November 22, 2009


1. Is GEO lens reliable ?
Yes it is ! It has been the leading brand of contact lens in Korea. It is growing as a leading venture enterprise specialized in bio-engineering research and manufacturing of contact lenses. It has been recognized by several international certificates. and now it is selling hot in Korea !
International Certifcates and Intellectual Properties

How to check the lenses authenticity?
Here is the message from GEO Company.
Dear Customers, We are very pleased to announce the Anti-Fake System effective April 1, 2009. You will receive our lenses together with the stickers which have 20 digit hidden code to check the authenticity. Please refer to the sticker design attached herewith. You can visit the system for checking on our website of You are kindly requested to put the stickers on the vials or blister packs when you sell them. But, please be advised that the stickers are not available for the lenses produced before April 1, 2009. We sincerely hope this would be of some help for us to preserve our market together. With best wishes, Geo Marketing Team

2. How long the life span of contact lens ?
6 months - 1 year , depends on how individual take care of it

3. When is the production and expiry date ?
Most of them expire at 2011/2012

4. Do I need to buy two pairs if my eyes have different power range?
No, you don't. You can choose each of your eyes power range by buying only one pair.

5. Would I get discount if I buy more ?
The more you buy, the more discount you can get from me !

6. Payment method ?
Maybank2U & CIMB bank online banking
Paypal :
Cash Deposit , Bank In, Bank Transfer

7. Delivering method and shipping fees?

I will be using Pos Laju for Malaysia buyers and registered post for international buyers.
Shipping fees are as below :
Australia : 5USD
United States : 7USD
United Kingdom / Europe : 7USD
Brunei : 4USD
Singapore : 4USD
Thailand : 4USD
Philippines : 5USD
Peninsular Malaysia : RM6
Sabah Sarawak : RM8
(kindly check with me for other places)

9. Are the goods exchangeable or returnable?
Non-exchangeable and no refund if got problem after sealed.

10. When can I get the lens ?
It's really depends whether I have the stock with me or not. I would try my best to get stock from different suppliers instead of put into pre-order as I don't want my customer to wait for long time as well. At most of the time, I can get the lens and post it out within one week.
For local buyers, it normally takes around 3-7 days to reach you.
For international buyers, it might takes around 2 to maximum 4 weeks to reach you.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Special Lens

( Click picture to view larger image )
** Remarks : Only available with 0 power
**One year disposable
Price : 20USD / RM50 per pair


(click the pictures for larger view)
**Remarks : Available with prescription, from 0-1000

(click the pictures for larger view)

**Remarks : YH-30x , TS101 , TS102 do not come with prescription,
only power 0 available

Price - 19USD / RM40 per pair

(click the pictures for larger view)
** Remarks: CM72X series does not come with prescription,
only power 0 available

(click the pictures for larger view)
**Remarks : Available with prescription, from 0-1000

(click the pictures for larger view)

**Remarks : Available with prescription from 0-1000, except CH-932 only available in 0 power

Price : 17USD / RM35 per pair
***CH-932 19USD / RM40 per pair

Magic Circle Lens

** Remarks : This series can make eyes look bigger and darker.
Available with prescription, from 0-1000

Price : 17USD /RM35 Per Pair

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